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UNC Autism Fathers Conference

UNC Autism Fathers Conference

The 2022 UNC Autism Fathers Conference is a 2-hour event for fathers who have children of all ages with autism spectrum disorder. The conference is an outgrowth of one father’s journey – award-winning broadcaster Dwayne Ballen – and the University's efforts to expand some of his insights and experiences to a wider audience of fathers with children with ASD. As Ballen eloquently shared in his memoir, Journey with Julian,

"Our family has been on this journey, through the world of autism, for nearly sixteen years. It’s been unpredictable, enlightening, and challenging. The highs have been soaring and the lows almost unbearable. Through it all, what has fortified us are unwavering love and support for Julian, the inspiration we draw from his resilience and strength, and a fierce belief in his gifts and abilities."

This year's virtual conference will feature in-depth conversations about the lived experience of being the father of an autistic child. We hope the event will provide an opportunity to acknowledge the unique parenting challenges faced by fathers who have children with autism, provide information and access to resources, and help fathers and their families function better.

Made possible by the UNC Autism Research Center, Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities, UNC TEACCH Autism Program, UNC School of Social Work, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, Department of Allied Health Sciences, UNC Neuroscience Center, and the Autism Society of North Carolina.

Registration Closed

Sorry, online registration for the UNC Autism Fathers Conference is no longer available. If you have any questions, please contact Allison Zoller at allison.zoller@unc.edu.